About disconnected IUanyWare sessions

As with any internet service, on occasion your IUanyWare connection may be lost unexpectedly. A number of factors can cause this, but one of the most common is an automatic timeout due to inactivity.

You don't become disconnected from IUanyWare if you simply stop typing. Rather, the automatic timeout occurs three minutes (180 seconds) after your device stops responding to the IUanyWare service (for example, your laptop goes to sleep, or you lose your wireless connection); the timeout is not dependent on your own inactivity. After a timeout, your session remains active for another 15 minutes before you will be logged out.

To avoid loss of data:

  • Make it a habit to save your work regularly.
  • If you are disconnected, log back into IUanyWare and your disconnected session should reconnect.

    If for some reason your session does not automatically reconnect, the drop-down menu (usually under the Log Off icon) has options to Reconnect and Disconnect. Click Reconnect.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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