Compare free personal OneDrive and Microsoft OneDrive at IU accounts

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About Microsoft OneDrive at IU accounts

Microsoft OneDrive at IU accounts are available to IU students, faculty, and staff with Microsoft 365 access.

About personal OneDrive accounts

Personal, free (non-IU) OneDrive accounts are available to anyone with a free personal Microsoft account, and are entirely separate from Microsoft OneDrive at IU.

Both free and paid personal accounts are available. For details, see Cloud storage pricing; some options are part of a personal (non-IU) Microsoft 365 license. If you choose to create a personal Microsoft account to use with a personal OneDrive account, be sure to use a non-IU email address.

Compare (free) personal and Microsoft OneDrive at IU accounts

Features Personal (free) OneDrive Microsoft OneDrive at IU
File size upload limit 5 GB* 250 GB
Available storage 5 GB

5 TB (A5 license)
100 GB (A1 license)

Single sign-on integration No  Yes
File sharing limits Limited per day Unlimited
Version history Yes Yes
Integration with institutional applications
Yes Yes
Administrative console and advanced features
No  Yes
Enhanced enterprise logging features
No  Yes
Contractual protections for subscribing institutions
No  Yes

* Limited by available storage. If available storage is upgraded (via one of the paid plans), then the limit is 100 GB.

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