Edit Microsoft OneDrive at IU documents with Office Online

You can open and edit Microsoft OneDrive at IU documents directly in Microsoft 365 at IU on the web. Edits are saved automatically in real time.

If you see a "Sign in" prompt, enter your IU username followed by @iu.edu (do this no matter what your email address is), and then, at the password prompt, enter your IU passphrase. (Do not select anything on the sign-in pages other than Next and Sign in.) When prompted, confirm your identity with Two-Step Login (Duo), and then choose whether to stay signed into your Microsoft 365 account.

Click OneDrive.

To open documents already uploaded to OneDrive, in the OneDrive online interface, click a document to open it in its associated program (such as Word or Excel). For more, see Using Office for the web in OneDrive.

You can also create documents directly in OneDrive.

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Last modified on 2023-08-16 17:00:10.