About Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU


Two-Step Login (Duo) provides an additional layer of security when you log in at IU. Also known as two-factor authentication, this helps protect sensitive data and guard against increasingly sophisticated email and online scams (for example, phishing attacks) that can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. IU has partnered with Duo to provide this service.

Logins for all IU students, faculty, staff, retirees, affiliates, and those with Academic (ACNP) status require Two-Step Login (Duo), including group or departmental accounts (but not IU Guest accounts).

Two-Step Login (Duo) does not protect your passphrase from being hacked, phished, or otherwise compromised. Think of it as a safety net that protects your accounts on IU services if your passphrase is compromised.

Even though Two-Step Login (Duo) can help protect your account, you should still choose a strong passphrase and take steps to protect it. If there is reason to believe your passphrase has been compromised, UITS will scramble it as a precaution.

Duo Universal Prompt

In July 2022, Duo provided a simplified experience called Duo Universal Prompt to help you log into your applications faster than before. This includes a refreshed login screen:

Duo Universal Prompt login

Use Two-Step Login (Duo)

With Two-Step Login (Duo), you log in by:

  1. Entering your username and passphrase.
  2. Confirming your login with an enrolled device.

To see how this works, view a video about Two-Step Login (Duo) in action.

UITS recommends using the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, but if you don't have such a device, digital phone numbers, devices with Touch ID, and USB security keys are also supported. Single-button hardware tokens are also available.

If you have a special exception to use Duo telephony features, see the SMS or phone instructions in About Duo telephony features.

For step-by-step instructions for all options, see Get started with Two-Step Login (Duo) at IU.

Enroll multiple devices and telephone numbers to ensure alternative methods of two-step login, in case you are separated from your main device. For more, see If your Two-Step Login (Duo) device is not with you, or is lost or stolen.


To lessen the number of times you need to complete a login with Duo, click Yes, trust browser when completing a login on a personal device; this will keep you from having to Two-Step for logins as frequently in the browser from which you initiated your login:

Trusted Device

Video tutorials

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