About One.IU

One.IU is the replacement for OneStart, IU's enterprise web portal which will be retired in October of this year; for details, see About the OneStart retirement. One.IU was created to bring a modern app store experience to finding what you need at IU. With One.IU, you search for what you want to do, and click to launch it.

Access One.IU through your browser, or download the IU Mobile app through Google Play or iTunes. (For Internet Explorer, use the latest version with Compatibility Mode turned off).

View a video about One.IU.

Finding tasks in One.IU

Search by name as in a typical app store; alternatively, navigate the Category structure, which is on the left on larger screens, and available from the menu bars on the upper right when on smaller mobile devices. Then easily complete tasks such as finding a class, checking your grades, or paying a bill. Additionally, using a search engine such as Google (rather than starting from the One.IU interface) can result in a direct link to what you need to do. Once you find what you want, you will be able to authenticate when needed and finish your task.


  • The new One.IU interface is consistent and familiar, and is not tied to a particular platform.
  • One.IU supports all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).
  • Navigation is simple, based on browsing, with icons for each task.
  • Tasks are identified by name and category.
  • It's easy to view task details and link directly to what you need, without needing to log in until authentication is needed.
  • When logged in, you can comment on and rate tasks, select Favorites for easy access, and set some preferences (e.g., default campus).
  • Each task is optimized for search engine indexing.
  • Task Centers are a searchable collection of related tasks; e.g., a Task Center could be used to gather all tasks related to freshman orientation.
  • Analytics provide suggested results based on past behavior and similar users.

More about One.IU tasks

Tasks are the main function of One.IU. They represent activities or services that people need to access, and are designed to get people where they are trying to go. When searching in One.IU, a list of tasks is returned.

  • Tasks and search: Tasks are displayed based on values associated with different parts of the task, including title, tags, description, and metadata. The more a task is used based on a certain search term, the more that value will increase.
  • Grouping tasks: Publishers can group tasks by category, tag, role, and campus.
  • Restricted viewing: Tasks published in One.IU are visible to everyone; however, authentication is applied as necessary when launching tasks.
  • Most popular tasks: Task popularity rises based on the number of clicks. Publishers can market tasks on other media to increase clicks and thus popularity.
  • Featured tasks: For a task to be featured on the top page's carousel, publishers can submit a request to the One.IU team.
  • Ratings: When a publisher submits a task update, changing the version is an option. This also resets the star ratings back to 0 until the first review, which can be helpful for tasks that have been improved. People are still able to check old versions to see past reviews.
  • Feedback: Each task's Details area contains a link to Write a review.


  • One.IU has hundreds of available tasks, and the number will continue to grow through regular releases.
  • If you cannot find a task you think should be in One.IU, or if you have comments about an existing One.IU task, email the One.IU team. Staff will follow up appropriately.

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