Getting started with Global ConfigMgr

The following explains the requirements for your department to join the Indiana University Global ConfigMgr service. At IU, Global ConfigMgr is a project designed to use the management abilities of the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) family of services to allow for centralized administration of device imaging, application management and updating, and antivirus and security maintenance. The Global ConfigMgr service is owned and managed by HELPnet Technology Services.

There are two Global ConfigMgr environments, the production environment (UDM) and an identical, but distinct, test environment (UDT). Departments may initially add a few machines to UDT in order to familiarize themselves with ConfigMgr; later machines can then be added to UDM. Most departments will leave a few machines in UDT permanently for application and configuration testing before applying options to their production groups.

To request an SCCM collection environment, send mail to with your department name, campus, and primary contact for this request. Tier 2 will forward your request to the Global ConfigMgr team.

On January 12, 2016, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer versions prior to version 11. UITS strongly recommends that you upgrade to a new operating system if your current system does not support Internet Explorer 11.

Requirements for adding machines to ConfigMgr

  • Machine naming convention: The department chooses this name. Machine names are often similar to the department's organizational unit (OU) name and frequently use department abbreviations (e.g., IU-SCFL or IN-ENGR).
  • OU landing zone: This must be designated so that all rebuilt machines are not placed in the generic "computers" OU of Active Directory (AD). UITS recommends creating an OU space called "NewlyJoined".
  • IT administrators security group: An AD security group that serves as an administrator on your department's machines
    The administrators group on the machines can still be managed via Group Policy (GPO).
  • Console administrators group: The group of IT administrators that needs access to the ConfigMgr console and the ability to manage objects in ConfigMgr

Once Global ConfigMgr and your department have exchanged and entered the above information, the Global ConfigMgr administrators will complete the steps necessary to create the customer's initial collections and grant access to the console in UDT.

If you have questions about the Global ConfigMgr service, email Support Center Tier 2, or call them at:

  • IU Bloomington: 812-856-7282
  • IUPUI: 317-278-7282

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