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Primary UITS contact: Pete Bucklin

Last update: April 11, 2016

Team lead: Chris Calabrese

Primary clients: Students, faculty, and staff

Purpose: The purpose of the IU Print Service project is to leverage existing technologies and contracts used in the student lab environment to develop a universal printing model that can be adopted by all campuses and units of Indiana University.

Since 2000, the Student Technology Centers in Bloomington have used a centralized print management system to manage printing resources and evaluate the use of printing by student populations.

Since that time, most of IU's regional campuses have embarked on their own print management projects, some serving only student populations, and some supporting a wider audience of faculty and staff in academic and administrative offices. Some campuses have adopted print quotas, while some have not; even so, much has been learned from our collective experience with print management.

In 2011, UITS introduced centralized print management in the Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) on the Bloomington campus in order to determine if such a system can also benefit a larger non-student office population.

It is our intent to leverage the collective experience of all campuses of IU in order to develop and implement a university-wide print management system.


  • Universal access to printing based on a valid IU username from any campus
  • A unified student quota intended to address the needs of all IU students
  • A central print portal for billing for over-quota and specialized printing
  • Governance policies for managing billing and quotas
  • Print release stations (swipe card, keyboard login) or direct-to-print
  • Academic and auxiliary adoption and use of standardized print service
  • More flexibility and customizations over time
  • Partnership engagement

These long-term goals will be phased in over multiple academic years. With this in mind, the new system will initially be adaptable to the existing limitations of the various campuses.

Phase I: Student printing (January 1, 2013-September 1, 2013)

During Phase I of the IU Print Service project, we will engage representatives across all campuses of Indiana University to develop unified standards for student printing. We will conduct comprehensive interviews with representatives of each campus to collect data pertinent to the student printing needs of each campus. These data will be the basis of the architectural design that will be built out during Phase I.

An executive steering committee will be established for the purpose of developing a uniform policy regarding printing quotas and fees for over-quota and color printing services.

Phase II: Identify ideal candidates (September 1, 2013-January 1, 2014)

During Phase II of the IU Print Service project, we will engage units at Indiana University that are ideal candidates for early adoption. The ideal candidate for this partnership needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide all consumables (paper, toner, drums, etc.)
  • Provide all printer hardware
  • Free printing
  • Printing controlled by ACL
  • All printers controlled by print release station
  • Single print queue environment (e.g., CIB)
  • Accept standard reports

List of ideal candidates for Phase II: Completed January 2014

Phase III: Integration of billing (January 1, 2014-August 1, 2014) - Completed

During Phase III of the IU Print Service project, we will implement a new billing environment for the Global IU Print environment.

Phase IV: University-wide implementation (beginning August 1, 2014) - In progress

During Phase IV of the IU Print Service project, we will begin adoption of remaining partners with more challenging, unique needs.

IU Print Service Roadmap (two pages; may require login)

IU Print Service Questionnaire (may require login)

Executive steering committee

  • Elizabeth Van Gordon
  • Tom Sawyer
  • Duane Schau
  • Stacy Morrone

Project working group

  • Dan Finch, IU South Bend
  • Dan Shane, IU Southeast
  • Joy Mauphin, IU East
  • Andrew Pusz, IU Northwest
  • Catherine Zappia, IUPUI
  • Brian Trivett, IUPUC
  • Chris Calabrese, IU Bloomington
  • Marc Wagner, IU Bloomington
  • Adam Smith, IU Bloomington
  • Vishal Pradhan, IU Bloomington
  • Margaret Tratta, IU Bloomington
  • Garrett Harper, IU Kokomo

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