Permissions and roles in Canvas

In Canvas at Indiana University, permissions allow users to access certain features and perform certain functions. Roles are essentially collections of permissions set at the system, campus, school, and department levels; instructors cannot modify the permissions associated with a given role.

A user's permissions are determined by the role(s) the user is assigned. Roles and their permissions are additive. Consequently, if a user has more than one role in a course, the combined permissions of all assigned roles will apply to the user.

Those in the Teacher, Co-Instructor, Librarian, TA, and Grader roles can view and edit student grade information. Anyone who will hold one of these roles must complete the FERPA tutorial before being assigned to the role.

Following are the course roles currently available in Canvas at IU:

Role Description
For instructors and assistants who need full access to the Canvas features for instruction
For individuals who are not listed as faculty of record in SIS, but share teaching responsibilities with the faculty of record and have a legitimate need for permissions equivalent to those of the Teacher role

This role has the same permissions as the Teacher role. Users in this role will not be automatically removed from the course via SIS enrollment updates if their faculty of record status changes in SIS.
For librarians responsible for instruction. This role has the same permissions as the Teacher role.
For assistant instructors and teaching assistants
For individuals who will be grading items in Canvas. The Grader role is based on the TA role, but has fewer permissions. Graders can view all course content including assignments, quizzes, and discussions; however, unlike users in the TA role, Graders cannot edit course content.
For instructional designers (and staff with similar responsibilities) who write and manage course content, but do not actually teach the course or grade student work
Peer Tutor
For supplemental instruction leaders or peer tutors who assist instructors. The Peer Tutor role is based on the Designer role but has fewer permissions. Peer tutors may create announcements, message students, and add or edit course files.
For students officially enrolled in the course only. If you need to add students who are not officially enrolled and want to grant them Student-like permissions, use the Instructor-Added Student role instead.
Instructor-Added Student
For students who are not officially enrolled in the course, but have a legitimate need to attend and participate; for example, on some campuses, students who received a prior incomplete grade need to be added as they make up the work and/or complete the course. This role has the same permissions as the Student role.
For users who have no official role in the course, but have been given permission to view course content and discussion forums; for more, see What is the Observer role? in the Canvas Observer Guide.

For a list of permissions assigned to each role at the system level, see Canvas Roles and Permissions (restricted to Indiana University users only). For a detailed description of each course role permission, see Course Role Permissions (PDF).

See also the Canvas Guides for the People tool in the Canvas Instructor Guide.

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