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The faculty media production spaces on the IUB and IUPUI campuses have reopened. However, in response to the university's guidance in combating COVID-19, these spaces have instituted several approved safety protocols to minimize risk to both faculty and production staff.

At Indiana University, faculty media production spaces are recording facilities for faculty use only, with technology suited for producing instructional multimedia content.

Available services include:

  • Technical consultation and best practices for self-recording
  • Workflows for partnering with the Collaboration Technologies Video Production team to remotely co-produce content around your needs
  • Editing self-recorded video from your own location
  • Content outlines and script support
  • Creating accessible versions of your media content
  • Custom animation and explainer video content creation
  • Kaltura Interactive Video for creating "choose your own adventure" videos, which allow students to choose their own path through the content being delivered
  • Slideshow presentations
  • 2D vector graphic creation
  • Guidance with Adobe Creative Cloud design applications
  • General layout assistance and support
  • Access to general design resources such as stock photography and templates

Direct any inquiries to iuvidpro@iu.edu.

New location and enhancements

At IU Bloomington, the faculty media production space was relocated from the Wells Library to the School of Education. The room, ED2261, is located in the Wright building. Because the new space was originally planned as a television studio, the room is larger and has improved lighting. The new space remains a production facility available to all university faculty and will continue to provide services at no charge.

The original space in E251 at the Wells Library will be converted into a self-serve video production studio with a simplified method for recording course material. The timeline for the project depends on certain areas in the Wells Library reopening to regular occupancy.

Faculty media production spaces offer new features and enhancements, including NewTek TriCasters, teleprompters, virtual sets, and telestrator capabilities.

Safety measures during COVID-19

The Collaboration Technologies Video Production team at the faculty media production spaces have taken steps to help protect both you and production staff during video shoots:

  • Availability is limited to two 120-minute time slots each day to allow thorough cleaning between each use.
  • The number of people in the spaces at any given time is limited to a single faculty member and a single production staff member during video shoots.
  • Staff have implemented a system of isolating personal items while a production is in session.
  • Face masks are required for faculty before the recording begins and after the recording is complete.

If you're uncertain about using production spaces on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, post-production and content preparation services are available at a distance. Production staff can turn video, images, and audio that you provide into polished instructional content for online courses. Production staff also have access to professional static backgrounds, motion backgrounds, graphics, and selected stock footage to complete or enhance your project.


Production staff are available for consultation and advice regarding media strategies and the use of media in your instructional projects.

For new projects or for more information about production spaces, email iuvidpro@iu.edu. To view current available time slots, visit the following resources in Outlook:

  • IUB: "Faculty Media Production Space - IUB Wright 2261"
  • IUPUI: "Faculty Media Production Space - IUPUI University Library 0135"

A producer/director assigned to your project will work with you to schedule the video shoot date.

Get help

For new projects or more information about production spaces, email iuvidpro@iu.edu.

For more about additional uses of video in your course, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

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