Problems accessing Canvas course sites

When trying to access content in Canvas at Indiana University, you might see the following error message:

Access Denied

You don't have access to view this resource.

This error most commonly occurs when you follow a link to content that has not yet been made available to students or is in another Canvas site. It can also occur when you try to access a course the same day you've added it, since Canvas rosters only update overnight.

If this error occurred while following a link within your course, contact your instructor.

If this error occurred while trying to access a recently added Canvas course, you should be able to access your course the day after you add it.

After accessing content you are unauthorized for, you may see the "Unauthorized" error again when you log into Canvas. To clear this error and return to your dashboard, click the IU logo at the top left.

If you get this error message under any other circumstances, contact your campus Support Center.

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