Recover missing, deleted, or overwritten content in Canvas

To recover missing or deleted content in Canvas:

  1. From within the relevant Canvas course, find the course ID in your browser's URL bar. The course ID is the seven-digit number following
  2. Remove everything following the course ID except the forward slash (  / ), and add the word undelete. The new URL will look similar to this:
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click Restore next to the appropriate item(s).
  5. Click OK. Your item(s) should now be restored.

If you cannot restore a deleted item by following these instructions, contact the UITS Support Center.

About content imports and course copy issues

Content imports in Canvas overwrite by default and are not reversible. If you import the wrong content into a site, or import content into the wrong site, you must manually delete and recreate the items as necessary. The Support Center may be able to provide access to content as it appeared before the most recent weekly Canvas update for reference.

If a technical error occurred in Canvas resulting in an import issue, or if student responses or grades were affected as a result of the import, the Support Center will assist in restoring the site. Because site restoration is manual and research-intensive, the process may take several days or more, depending on the severity of the situation. The Support Center will work as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on students working in the course.

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