Request an IU Box account for use with sensitive data

At Indiana University, through a combination of account and folder configurations, Box can be used for Restricted and some Critical institutional data, such as approved protected health information (PHI) regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The accounts described in this article are set up by Box administrators, but their use and configuration is controlled by the requester, who is granted co-owner permissions.

To store such data in IU Box:

  1. Verify that your data are allowed in Box; see Types of data appropriate for IU Box accounts.
  2. Put the data in a folder owned by the appropriate account; see below.
  3. Understand and implement the security measures in Protect sensitive data in Box.

Two special types of Box accounts exist:

  • Box Health Data Accounts: To store and appropriately share approved protected health information (PHI) in Box, you must use a Box Health Data Account (BHDA). BHDAs are set up, monitored, and audited by Clinical Affairs IT Service (CAITS). CAITS will contact you to set up your account and guide you through the practices described in Protect sensitive data in Box for protecting the data.

    To request a Box Health Data Account, submit the IU Box Health Data Account Request Form.

    If you have questions about this form, contact CAITS Support.
  • Box Entrusted Data Accounts: IU provides Box Entrusted Data Accounts (BEDAs) for sharing and storage of non-health-related institutional data that is subject to regulation or for which tighter controls may be required or desired. Any Restricted data in Box must be in a BEDA. (Critical data, except for approved PHI, may not be stored in Box.) Your IT Pro will assist you in configuring and maintaining the account according to the practices described in Protect sensitive data in Box.

    If you are a faculty or staff member who would like to store data in a BEDA, contact your IT Pro. If you are an IT Pro or IT Manager, see About Box accounts for IU schools, organizations, or regional campuses for instructions to request a BEDA.

    To learn the name of your department's IT Pro, consult your supervisor or your departmental website. If you still cannot identify your IT Pro, call the UITS Support Center at 812-855-6789 (Bloomington) or 317-274-4357 (Indianapolis).

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