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Due to changes to Google storage at IU, faculty and staff who wish to pay for additional storage in Google must use Google at IU Shared Drives (GSD).

Storage costs for paid Google Shared Drives are $48 per year, in 100 GB increments.

Ensure that you have a sustainable source of funding before moving forward with the process described here; consult your local UITS support person or financial officers as appropriate.


Google Shared Drives are approved for higher data classification levels than Google My Drive in some data domains. In addition, Google Shared Drives are an appropriate location for institutional data, but Google My Drive is not.

See IU Data Management for more on data privacy, security, and storage.

Migrate your data

To prepare and migrate your data for the paid GSD option in Google at IU:

  1. If you don't already have a GSD you'd like to use as your paid option, complete the form to create one for that purpose. Under "Choose your storage service", select Google Shared Drive and Paid GSD.
    If you need to move data from a Google at IU My Drive, be sure to request the ability to move whole folders (not individual files) from Google My Drive via the custom Google at IU Shared Drive Folder Movement Request form. Requests are processed once weekly, on Fridays.
  2. Move the content from your My Drive (group or personal account) into the new Google Shared Drive; see Migrate files and folders from Google My Drive to a Google Shared Drive.

Pay for your storage

  • All new GSDs created in Google at IU have a zero byte quota until the purchase order has been processed.
  • GSDs are renewed annually and provide access from February 1 of the current year until January 31 of the following year.
  • Purchases initiated after February 1 are prorated to end by January 31 of the following year.
  • There is no limit to the number of licenses you can purchase for individual GSDs.

To set up any GSD with paid storage or to renew your existing GSD:

  1. Be sure that you have a Google Shared Drive prepared, as noted in the section above.
  2. As part of the purchasing process, be ready to provide:
    • Email address of a secondary contact for your license; this could be the co-owner of your GSD, your local UITS support person, or perhaps an individual from your finance office
    • Name of your GSD
    • Number of licenses you wish to purchase

      To check your GSD usage:

      1. Go to and select Shared Drives on the left.
      2. Select your desired shared drive; when you do so, a blue bar will appear over it.
      3. Select the information icon (lower case letter "i" with a circle around it), and your current GSD storage will be displayed.
  3. When you have the above information, complete and submit the Google Paid Storage Request Form.
You'll receive email from Qualtrics with instructions for completing your purchase. Log into this Knowledge Base to view those purchase instructions below.

Share folders

To better manage access to data, users with the Content Manager role can share folders from a GSD; see New setting for content managers to modify shared drives now on by default.

More on Google Shared Drives and Google Secure Storage

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