About Examity

Examity is an online proctoring service being piloted at Indiana University during the spring 2017 semester. This service mitigates many of the issues surrounding the administration of tests to online students at a distance. Examity offers multiple levels of service to deter cheating, provide robust authentication, give students live support in using online tests, and provide a complete recording of both the student and all activity on the student's computer during a proctored testing session. During the Examity pilot period, IU will pay all fees for online tests.

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Signing up for the pilot

To join the Examity pilot, go to Next.IU and click Sign up for a pilot. Fill in the fields with your information, and select Examity (proctoring) from the "Sign up for a pilot" drop-down menu. Someone from the Next team will contact you with more details. Pilot participants will have Examity installed in the appropriate Canvas courses.

Levels available

Five different levels of proctoring are available from Examity:

  • Level AA: Automated authentication
  • Level 0: Live authentication, challenge questions, ID verification, and more
  • Level 1: After live authentication, a random sample of tests are live proctored
  • Level 2: After live authentication, all exams are recorded and reviewed by a proctor
  • Level 3: All exams are live proctored in real time

Using Examity in Canvas

Examity is integrated into Canvas as an external tool. If you are participating in the Examity pilot, the Canvas administrator will add the tool to your course, but you will not see it until you add it to a module; see How do I add an external tool as a module item? for instructions. (Note that you cannot add Examity to your course navigation. It can only be added to a module at this time.) You'll create course assessments in the Canvas Quizzes tool and then use Examity to schedule assessments that require proctoring.

To set up an assessment to be proctored using Examity:

  1. Create an assessment in the Canvas Quizzes tool. You do not need to create all of the questions for the assessment to schedule proctoring with Examity, but you must create and save the assessment.
  2. Be sure to password-protect your exam. To do so, check Require an access code and enter the password for the exam.
  3. Copy the link to the assessment.
  4. In Modules or in your course navigation menu, click Examity.
  5. Click Load Examity in a new window button. The Examity dashboard will load.
  6. To add an assessment, select the Courses/Exams tab. Find your Canvas course, and click the Add Exam icon under the "Action" column.
  7. Fill in the information in the form.
    • The "Exam Name" should match the name of the assessment in Canvas Quizzes.
    • Choose the FairExam Level appropriate to your assessment (see Levels available above).
    • In the "Link to access Exam" field, paste the link you copied in step 2 above.
    • "Upload a File", "Exam UserName", and "Exam Password" are optional.
    • Choose additional rules or give special instructions as necessary.
  8. Click Save Exam and close the window.
  9. Communicate with your students to let them know they must access their assessments via Examity. Examity provides a toolkit of customizable communication and email templates to help with this communication. The toolkit includes language that could be used in the class syllabus to inform students of your use of Examity.

Getting help

For pedagogical or technical assistance with Examity, consult the following:

Examity resources

Access videos, instructor and student quick guides, and email templates to use with students on the Examity Resources page. Be sure you're using the Canvas resources.

Examity provides 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support for faculty and students using the service:

  • Phone: 855-Examity (855-392-6489)
  • Live Chat: Available on the Examity site
  • Email: support@examity.com

To contact Examity's IU account manager, Cheryl Esselen:

  • Phone: 855-392-6489
  • Email: cesselen@examity.com

Teaching and learning centers

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus; see How do I contact the teaching and learning centers at each IU campus?

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