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Examity is an online proctoring service that allows online and distance learners to take exams without needing to schedule an on-campus visit and proctor.

For the latest information on the availability and cost of using Examity at IU, see About online proctoring at IU.

All instructors using online proctoring are required to complete the Examity for Faculty training course each year. The course takes approximately 20 minutes and provides:

  • Information on best practices for the administration of proctored online exams.
  • Approved, required syllabus language for courses that use online proctoring.
  • An automated practice exam instructors can use to experience the exam as a student.
  • An online proctoring acknowledgment.
  • A link to an "Examity for Students" course, in which students can learn about Examity and take a practice test.
  • Additional Examity information and resources.

System requirements

To take a proctored exam using Examity, you'll need the following:

  • A computer (PC, Mac, or Chromebook), a camera, and a microphone. Both built-in and external cameras and microphones are acceptable. To test your webcam, visit https://webcamtests.com/.
  • A location with a sufficient internet connection and at least 2 Mbps upload and download speed. To test your internet speed, visit http://www.speedtest.net.
  • Chrome browser. Examity will run only on Chrome.

Proctoring levels available

The following proctoring levels are available from Examity:

  • Live Proctoring: After completing the live authentication process, Examity's proctors monitor the test-taker's surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam.
  • Automated + Audit: After an automated authentication procedure, Examity's automated system monitors the test-taker's surroundings and desktop and flags particular behaviors. A human proctor then audits the flags and passes the information back to the instructor.
  • Automated: Similar to Automated + Audit, but without a human audit from Examity. Instead, at the end of each proctoring session, a full video of the exam along with timestamped comments will be posted to the Examity dashboard for review by the test administrator.
  • Automated Practice: Allows test-takers to get familiar with the interface and procedures as well as ensuring that all equipment works properly. No audit is performed.

Use Examity in Canvas

Examity is integrated into Canvas as an external tool. For instructions for adding Examity to a module, see How do I add an external tool as a module item? Be sure to check Load in new tab when you create the module item. (Note that you cannot add Examity to your course navigation; it can only be added to a module at this time.)

The first time you select the Examity link in your course, Examity creates your new course instance. After creating it, you'll need to select the link again to ensure that Examity receives your exam information. You need to do this every semester for all courses that use Examity. Examity will automatically import your exam information (for example, dates and times the exam is available, password). Importing is a nightly process that can take up to 24 hours to occur.

To use Examity in Canvas, you'll first create course assessments in the Canvas Quizzes tool or a third-party testing tool, and then use Examity to schedule assessments that require proctoring.

To set up an assessment to be proctored using Examity:

  1. Create an assessment using one of the following methods:
    • The Canvas Quizzes tool: You don't need to create all of the questions for the assessment to schedule proctoring with Examity, but you must create and save the assessment.
      New Quizzes does not integrate with Examity; however, you can use New Quizzes by copying the link to the exam and inserting it into your Examity course shell.
    • A third-party testing tool (such as a homework platform): Copy the link to the exam.
      Third-party tools may not work with Automated + Audit proctoring. Contact your teaching center or your Examity representative for more information.
  2. Be sure to password-protect your exam. Check Require an access code and enter the password for the exam. Don't share this password with students; it ensures that students have authenticated with a proctor before taking the exam.
  3. Publish your exam.
  4. In Modules, choose Examity.
  5. Choose Load Examity in a new window. The Examity dashboard will load. If you are using an assessment created in Canvas, and you have allowed time for the nightly import to occur, open the exam settings and check to make sure the imported information is correct.
    • The "Exam Name" should match the name of the assessment in Canvas Quizzes.
    • Choose the Security Level appropriate to your assessment (see Proctoring levels available).
    • Choose additional rules or give special instructions as necessary
  6. Choose Save Changes.
  7. Communicate with your students to let them know they must access their assessments via Examity.

Practice exams

UITS strongly recommends that you offer your students a practice exam so that they can gain familiarity with Examity before any graded work is due. If you are using the Automated + Audit proctoring level, take advantage of the Automated practice test. If you are using live options (either Live Authentication + Audit or Live Proctoring), give your students a low-stakes quiz to get them familiar with the service.

Privacy and security

IU carefully vets vendors and their products for compliance with IU’s policies regarding privacy and data security. For more, see Classification levels of institutional data.

When using Examity for online assessments:

  • Government or student IDs, security questions, and video feeds of the test-taking environment are encrypted to ensure the data is protected from unauthorized access.
  • If your exam is using live proctoring, your instructor may choose to require a room scan. The proctor will ask you to complete a 360° room pan and desk sweep with your webcam. This is to ensure your workspace is clear of any materials unauthorized by your instructor. If you are using automated proctoring, no room scan will be required.
  • Only properly authorized people--instructors and the service administrators--have access to the information and the videos that are stored.
  • All videos are saved for 60 days and then deleted.
  • The individual proctors employed by Examity work in proctoring centers with supervisors overseeing them, and everything they do is recorded on video and audio.

For more, see Privacy & Security.

As an instructor, if you use an application managed by a vendor with whom IU does not have a contract, and it collects protected student data, you may be subject to sanctions, according to university policy Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties (DM-02). If your intended use will collect any FERPA-protected data in a third-party tool, do not use it before working through appropriate institutional offices to get a contract with the service. For guidance, see Cloud resources for teaching and/or consult your campus teaching and learning center.

It is important to be up front with students about course academic integrity expectations. In addition, provide students the opportunity and encourage them (by giving points) to take a practice quiz with Examity before giving an exam for credit. This will ensure that the entire class, including those with accessibility concerns, will be ready to use Examity for a high-stakes assessment.

Syllabus language

When using Examity, instructors should include the following language in their syllabi:

We will use Examity, an online proctoring tool, for the exams in this course. Examity offers you flexibility to take your exams when and where it is convenient for you.

  • Technology requirements:
    • A Mac, PC, or Chromebook
    • Examity only works in the Chrome browser.
    • Students are required to have a webcam (USB or internal) with a microphone and a strong and stable internet connection.
    • Dual monitors are not permitted.
  • Testing environment: During the course of an exam, Examity will record the testing environment; therefore, students should select private spaces for the exam session where disruptions are unlikely and where recording devices can be enabled.
  • Room scans: If your exam is using live proctoring, your instructor may choose to require a room scan. The proctor will ask you to complete a 360° room pan and desk sweep with your webcam. This is to ensure your workspace is clear of any materials unauthorized by your instructor. If you are using automated proctoring, no room scan will be required.
  • Academic integrity and academic misconduct: Please note that while Examity proctors or software may flag suspected cheating during exams, these measures do not constitute a determination of academic misconduct. Any suspicion of misconduct will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and evaluated through a fair and transparent process (see https://studentcode.iu.edu/responsibilities/academic-misconduct.html)

If you have concerns about using an online proctoring tool for the reasons listed above or in general, please work with your instructor to find an equivalent alternative.

Get help and learn more

For pedagogical or technical assistance with Examity:

Instructor resources

Contact Examity

Examity provides 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support for students and faculty using the service:

  • Phone: 855-Examity (855-392-6489)
  • Live Chat: Available on the Examity site
  • Email: support@examity.com

To contact Examity's IU account manager, Lisa Martini:

  • Phone: 855-392-6489
  • Email: lmartini@examity.com

Teaching and learning centers

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

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