About Tableau 10.5 at IU

On February 1, 2018, Indiana University upgraded to Tableau version 10.5. Tableau is visualization software that helps you view, understand, and analyze your data, no matter how complex. Using Tableau, you can create interactive dashboards and share them securely with others in seconds.

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Tableau at IU

Tableau Server is available for production use at IU, providing the publishing platform to store reports and the web layer to view them. Reports security will continue to be managed by the Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) portal where all BI reports must be published for end-user consumption.

UITS has committed to supporting the server as a general data asset analytics and visualization tool. The value of the desktop tool to a unit is greatly enhanced by having a central Tableau Server instance in which to publish work. Once work is published from Tableau Desktop into the server environment, authorized users can access the reports and interactive dashboards built using a standard web browser.

Purchase a desktop license for IU

Each Tableau user is required to have a unique license. You can only purchase this license from Tableau, and you must purchase maintenance simultaneously. As long as you continue to use Tableau software, you must renew maintenance annually.

To purchase the Tableau Desktop Client, enter a requisition in KFS:

  1. Go to Purchasing: KFS (All IU Campuses) in One.IU. If prompted, log into CAS using your IU Network ID username and passphrase.
  2. On the "Financials (KFS)" page, in the "Requisition" row, click + to create a requisition.
  3. Fill out the requisition form. In the "Explanation:" field, enter exactly what appears below:
      Tableau Desktop - Professional User License EDU/NFP $1,200 primary and secondary workstation for each Authorized User
      Tableau Desktop - Professional User Maint. EDU/NFP $300 - This is an annual fee

Download Tableau

To download Tableau 10.5, select the link that corresponds to your operating system:

Learn more and get help

For more about using Tableau, see Tableau Desktop. For IT Training materials about Tableau, see Tableau Training Resources.

For help with Tableau at IU, contact EDSS.

Tableau Server at IU will be upgraded three times per year, in February, June, and October.

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