In Canvas, how do I evaluate a Taskstream assignment?

As of October 1, 2017, Taskstream is only available to students enrolled on the IUPUI campus and in the Schools of Education on the Bloomington, South Bend, and Southeast campuses.

If your course has one or more Taskstream assignments, you can evaluate the submissions from within Canvas or by logging into Taskstream directly.

To evaluate a Taskstream assignment from within Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the course containing the Taskstream assignment.
  2. In the course navigation menu, click Taskstream. The Taskstream window will replace the Canvas window, and you will be logged in automatically.
  3. On the Taskstream home page, click the Evaluator tab.
  4. Find the program with which the assignment was associated; there may be only one program listed. If you have submissions that need to be evaluated, the "Evaluation Required" flag will be blue rather than gray.
    Screenshot of Taskstream home page with evaluator tab highlighted
  5. In the associated program, click Evaluation Required. You'll see a list of the submissions that need to be evaluated, similar to this one:
    Screenshot of Taskstream window displaying list of student submissions requiring instructor evaluation
    If you are an assigned evaluator for more than one requirement in the DRF, you may see submissions for requirements other than the Canvas assignment. Use the information in the "Category" and "Requirement" columns to determine which submissions are associated with the assignment.
  6. Next to the submission you want to evaluate, click Evaluate.
  7. To evaluate the submission, follow the instructions in Quick-Start Guide: Evaluators (IU login required), beginning with step 4 in the "How to Access Work" section.
  8. If you want to send a grade back to the Canvas Gradebook, when you get to the "Next Steps" section of the "Evaluate/Score Work" screen, check the Send final score box and enter a score out of 100 points:
    Screenshot of Taskstream final score window with option to transfer score to Canvas Gradebook

    The resulting fractional value will be multiplied by the total possible points for the assignment in Canvas. For example, if you give the student 80/100 points in Taskstream and the Canvas assignment is worth 50 points, the student will earn 80% of 50 points, or 40 points.

    The Taskstream integration with the Canvas Gradebook only supports one gradebook item per course. If a Canvas course is mapped to more than one DRF requirement in Taskstream, you should manually enter grades earned for Taskstream work into the Canvas Gradebook, rather than using Taskstream to transmit the grades to Canvas.
  9. Click Submit Evaluation Now to complete the evaluation. You will return to the list of submissions pending evaluation.
  10. Repeat steps 6-9 for each submission requiring evaluation.

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