Copyright in Canvas Commons

When you upload an asset to Canvas Commons, you are required to choose an appropriate copyright type for that asset. Content license types are listed and explained in What types of content licenses are available in Commons? The default is Copyright (I reserve all rights).

The copyright license type you choose is displayed to anyone who accesses the asset in Canvas Commons. However, when you download an asset from Commons and put it in your course, the copyright designation does not come with it. Copyright licensing for entire courses can be set in Canvas. For details, see How do I set a Creative Commons license for a course?

Anyone importing other content types (for example, modules, assignments, quizzes, files, or discussions) from Commons must re-establish the proper copyright license once the object is displayed in the course. This can be accomplished a number of ways; at the very least, adding some text somewhere within the object should give proper attribution (if necessary) and establish the license type.

For more about licensing content imported from (and shared to) Commons, see What are my licensing options around importing and sharing resources in Commons?

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