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Indiana University instructors have access to Canvas Commons, a learning object repository for storing, finding, importing, and sharing course materials. Canvas Commons is designed to simplify course content management, allowing instructors to easily store and retrieve their resources, and share them with IU colleagues and the Canvas community.

The creator of a learning object determines what level of sharing, if any, is permitted.

Instructors can use Canvas Commons for storing course elements (from individual quizzes to complete courses) in a central location, which can be accessed from within any Canvas course. Commons allows instructors to retrieve their learning assets according to tagging and other metadata without having to search through old courses to find a particular resource.

In Canvas Commons, you can share and retrieve Canvas courses, modules, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and pages. You can also share and retrieve individual documents, videos, audio files, and images. Additionally, Canvas Commons lets you:

  • Search for relevant materials shared by other instructors. You can filter results by topic, grade level, institution, and resource type. You can use shared materials to supplement your course activities and materials.
  • Selectively build and share complete courses, assignments, modules, discussions, pages, and quizzes.
  • Build a personal course library by archiving past courses for use in the future.

Potential use cases

  • Incorporate remedial modules (for example, algebra or calculus "brush-ups") from Canvas Commons into courses as necessary.
  • Incorporate skills modules (for example, study skills, library research, etc.) from Canvas Commons into many kinds of courses.
  • Set up case studies as modules (similar to the HUBERT project) and store them with proper metadata.
  • Use Canvas Commons versioning capabilities to retrieve or review course iterations.
  • Flipped classes require more online content, more variety in content, and more knowledge-check exercises. Curate and increase the amount of content using Canvas Commons.
  • Use metadata or tagging to find relevant content and suggest new relationships among content.

Get started

For documentation, see:

For more, see the Canvas Commons Guides.

Get help

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

For help from a UITS Support Center consultant, fill out the "Ask for Help" form found in the Canvas Help menu. You can also contact your campus Support Center directly.

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