Enable external sharing in Microsoft Teams at IU

At Indiana University, you can request a team in Microsoft Teams with or without external sharing enabled. To enable external sharing if your team was initially requested without it:

When requesting an external sharing change request, specify what level of sharing is needed:
  • Disabled: No external sharing
  • ExistingExternalUserSharingOnly: Only external users that are already in your Entra ID (formerly Azure AD)
  • ExternalUserAndGuestSharing: Sharing files and folders with an anonymous link
  • ExternalUserSharingOnly: External users need to log in or enter a verification code

If your Teams or SharePoint site was created via Secure Storage and you are an owner or co-owner, you can manage sharing at Manage Your Storage Locations. Changing the setting from "no External Sharing" to "enabled External Sharing" will change the setting from "Disabled" to "ExternalUserAndGuestSharing".

  1. Contact the Support Center to request external sharing.
  2. Once external sharing has been enabled, go to your site in SharePoint Online and choose the gear icon in the top right (next to your profile icon).
  3. From this menu, select Site Permissions. On the "Site Permissions" page, choose Advanced permissions settings.
  4. From the top ribbon, select Access Request Settings.
  5. At the top of the resulting page, check the following boxes:
    • Allow members to share the site and individual files and folders.
    • Allow members to invite others to the site members group, [group name] Members. (This setting must be enabled to allow members to share the site.)

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