What is SharePoint Online, and how do I request a site for my team or department at IU?

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based, university-wide service, providing sites for team collaboration and content management.

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About SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Collaboration and online content management
  • Document repositories to store, track changes in, and expire documents based on defined policies
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office applications
  • Centralized search that is secure and context-aware, and permits granular control
  • Online document management providing easy collaboration and a centralized search
  • Social computing tools that allow communities to work together using wikis, blogs, and RSS feeds

Requesting a new SharePoint Online site

You may request a SharePoint Online site using the SharePoint Online (SPO) site request form. Both Support Center Tier 2 staff and the SharePoint administrators will review the completed form.

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