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SharePoint Online includes these features and capabilities:

  • Collaboration and online content management
  • Document repositories to store, track changes in, and expire documents based on defined policies
  • Tight integration with Microsoft 365 applications
  • Centralized search that is secure and context-aware, and permits granular control
  • Online document management providing easy collaboration and a centralized search
  • Social computing tools that allow communities to work together using wikis, blogs, and RSS feeds

Request a new SharePoint Online site

Request a SharePoint Online site using the institutional storage request form. You may request a Collaboration or a Communication site, and it will be created automatically.

Sync SharePoint Online files

You can sync files on a SharePoint Online site to your desktop using the Sync button.

Sync is an appropriate way to work on all SharePoint Online data from a secured, managed workstation. Critical or Restricted data should not be synced to unmanaged devices (for example, personal laptops, smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants, thumb drives) without prior formal written approval and appropriate technical safeguards. If you have questions about whether your workstation is an appropriate location for your SharePoint Online data, contact your local UITS support person.

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