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In 2021, Indiana University will begin shifting purchases as much as practical to standardized configurations, that is, laptops and desktops manufactured by Dell, Microsoft, and Apple. Exceptions will be possible under limited circumstances.

View available standard configurations for Dell and Microsoft equipment at BUY.IU (standard configurations for Apple products will be available soon):

  • CDW standard configurations are available on the landing page's left, under "Microsoft Surface Standards".
  • Dell standards are in the middle of the page, and begin with the naming convention "IU Standard".
  • The Apple Store is no longer available to make direct purchases for IU-owned and managed Apple equipment. CDW-G will now be the portal to buy Apple hardware.

Purchase standardized configurations in BUY.IU as normal. Examples of standard configurations you can purchase are:

  • Dell:
    • Latitude 5550
    • Latitude 7450
    • Latitude 7355
    • Precision 5690
    • Optiplex 7020 Plus SFF
    • Optiplex 7020 Plus MFF
    • Optiplex 7420 Plus AIO
  • Apple: Apple Silicon will be the baseline model of choice. Some nonstandard machines will be allowed for purchase while we await Apple's migration to Apple Silicon standards. Machines not on the standards list are still available for purchase through the non-standard selection form process, and will still require department head approval.
    Jamf Pro will continue to manage all Apple hardware.
    • MacBook Pro - 14" - M3 Pro
    • MacBook Pro - 16" - M3 Pro
  • Microsoft:
    • Surface Pro 9
    • Surface Laptop 5 for Business
    • Surface Laptops Studio 2 for Business
Contact information for our suppliers is available on BUY.IU.

Nonstandard devices

The university has implemented standard device configurations through Dell and CDW-G for laptops and computers. You can find the standards on the homepages of the Dell and CDW-G shop catalogs. Any computer or laptop that is not part of the standards list must receive nonstandard device approval from UITS. Your local UITS support person will need to fill out the Non-Standard Device Selection form, and then attach the emailed approval to the requisition. Note that nonstandard devices will not be supported by UITS.

The Non-Standard Device Selection form is only available with local UITS support person credentials.

If you believe you need to purchase a device manufactured by Dell, Microsoft, or Apple (for example, a non-Silicon device) that is not on the standards list, first contact your unit's IT Manager for instructions on how to request the required approval. Note the following:

  • Devices outside of the standard offerings will not have full management support via UITS-provided infrastructure.
  • Purchases from other manufactures will be approved under only two circumstances:
    • It is a requirement for some other device (such as a scientific instrument).
    • It meets a technical need that cannot be met by a contracted manufacturer.

Otherwise, purchases from other manufacturers are generally disallowed.


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Previous model standards

Standards change over time as the university's needs evolve and suppliers update their product lines. For reference, IU's previous Dell model standards are listed below:

  • 2023-2024 models:
    • Latitude 5540
    • Latitude 7440
    • XPS 13 (9315)
    • XPS 15 (9530)
    • Optiplex 7010 Plus SFF
    • Optiplex 7010 Plus MFF
    • Optiplex 7410 Plus AIO
  • 2022-2023 models:
    • OptiPlex 7000 Small Form Factor
    • OptiPlex 5000 Micro Form Factor
    • OptiPlex 7400 AIO
    • Latitude 7430
    • Latitude 5530
    • Latitude 5430
    • XPS 13 (9310)

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