About logging into the IU Knowledge Base (KB)

Anyone can search the Indiana University Knowledge Base (KB) for answers to questions about information technology at IU. An option to log into the KB is provided for certain units who maintain internal (i.e., restricted-access) content in the KB.

To log into the IU KB, click the Log in icon near the search box at the top of any KB page:

Screenshot showing where to click to log into the KB

If you're not already logged into another IU service, you'll be redirected to the IU Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page. Enter your IU IU username and passphrase, and then click Login to return to the KB.

If you're already logged into CAS via another IU service (e.g., One.IU or Canvas), you still must click the KB Log in icon to enable access to any restricted content you have permission to view (however, since you're already logged into CAS, you won't be prompted to re-enter your Network ID credentials).

When you're logged into the KB, the Log in icon's text will change to Log out. If you click Log out, you'll automatically be logged out of the KB, plus you'll be prompted to choose whether to log out of CAS as well. If you don't click Log out, you'll remain logged into the KB for 12 hours (or until your CAS ticket times out).

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