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Instructors and others with the "Community admin" role in Q&A Community (InScribe) have permission to perform the actions below.

Set community defaults

To configure your community's default settings:

  1. Next to your community name, click the IU logo.

    IU logo next to community name

  2. All of the communities of which you are a member will appear.

  3. To view and change your community defaults, click the pencil icon next to the appropriate community.
  4. If you wish, change the following settings:
    • Community name
    • Community description
    • Enable Channels: Q&A Community (InScribe) is generally organized by topics that you create. Channels allow you to create separate conversation and resource areas for users who have a particular interest that is unique to the group, like a cohort of students starting at the same time, a course within a program, or a special interest within a larger community.
    • Conversation options:
      • Display content that may help when asking a question: This option helps students see if a question has already been asked/answered.
      • Allow students to send messages that display to community moderators only
      • Allow members to post anonymously (moderators can see an anonymous poster's identity in profile)
      • Require members to select a topic for posts
      • Display reputation points and badges on member profiles: This option displays lightweight badges and kudos for participants who are active in the community; for more, see Community Reputation.
    • Member names:
      • Full name
      • First name and first initial of last name
      • Initials only
        If a member chooses to change their name in their profile, that name will appear in the community. This allows students to use a pseudonym and can help make questions and posts more anonymous. However, if the community default is Initials only, and a student puts their full name in their profile, everyone will see the student's full name.
    • Community listing and public access: This is not recommended for use in courses.
      • Display on the communities page so people can join
      • Allow view-only access for unauthenticated and guest users
    • Authentication options:
      • Google login: This setting is not recommended for use in courses.
      • Indiana University SAML: This setting is on by default, so students can log into the community from a link to a post that is sent in email.
      • LinkedIn login: This setting is not recommended for use in courses.
    • Email notification options: The following selections can each be set to Email me right away, Email in a daily digest, or Do not email me:
      • Someone answers or responds to my post.
      • Someone responds to a post after I responded to it.
      • Someone posts in a conversation that I'm following.
      • My question or share is upvoted.
      • An item I published is upvoted.
      • An item I published is downvoted.
      • A conversation is started about an item I published.
      • Someone starts a conversation in the community.
      • Someone publishes a resource in the community.
      • Messages from the InScribe Platform: This must be set to Email me right away if you have enabled reputation points and badges.
        Email notification defaults are for the whole community, but individual members can manage their own notifications. Think of these settings as the starting point.
  5. At the bottom of the page, to save your settings, click Save Community.

Manage users and view analytics

To manage users in your community and view analytics, click your profile picture in the upper right, and then select Community admin.

  • On the Members tab, you can take the following actions:
    • View member contributions.
    • Change a member's role:
      1. Click the pencil icon next to the user's role.
      2. Click the down arrow to see available roles. For more, see InScribe Roles & Permissions.
      3. From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate role.
      4. Click the blue check next to the "Role" drop-down to make the change.
    • Click a member's name to view a summary and details of the member's contributions, views, and votes.
    • Click Manage Members at the top of the page to add or edit members. This feature is rarely used in courses because all members of the community enter through the Canvas course.
  • On the Analytics tab, you can see an overview of activity in the community and view top contributors and top contributions.

Currently, it is not possible to download the information on member contributions (how many posts, replies, etc.), but that functionality is expected by February 2021.

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