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Q&A Community (InScribe) is a learning support system that connects communities of educators and students to provide scalable, context-specific help around an organization's existing digital content and curriculum. The core of this system is a Q&A platform where information can be crowd-sourced and eventually promoted to knowledge bank articles. Q&A Community (InScribe) can help move student questions out of email and into an organized space.

Q&A Community (InScribe) sets up a community that integrates into Canvas and can also be accessed from a website. Communities can be defined as narrowly or broadly as needed. At Indiana University, Q&A Community (InScribe) is being used in a number of ways, from individual course communities to cross-disciplinary and cross-campus communities that help students navigate the transition to college.

Use Q&A Community (InScribe) in Canvas

Q&A Community (InScribe) is an external tool in Canvas. You can add it to your course navigation menu, access it as a Module item, or embed it as a widget in a Canvas page or assignment via the Rich Content Editor.

InScribe is called "Q&A Community" in the Canvas course navigation.

Enable Q&A Community (InScribe) in your course navigation

By default, Q&A Community (InScribe) is hidden in Canvas.

To add a hidden tool to your course navigation menu, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

To create your community, click Q&A Community and give your community a name. You can also choose to connect your course to an existing community if you want several courses to be part of the same community.

For more about setting community defaults (such as email notifications and how students will be identified in your community), see Manage your Q&A Community (InScribe).

Create a Q&A Community (InScribe) Module item

To create a Q&A Community (InScribe) Module item, see Add InScribe to a Canvas Module.

Embed a Q&A Community (InScribe) widget in a Canvas page

To embed a Q&A Community (InScribe) widget in a Canvas page:

  1. In the Rich Content Editor in a Canvas page, place your cursor where you want to put the widget.
  2. In the toolbar, click the Apps icon (New Apps icon), and search for InScribe.
  3. The "InScribe" dialog box will appear:
    InScribe dialog box
  4. In the "InScribe" dialog box, under "Do you want to add a link to this community or embed the community widget?", make a selection:
    • If you want to create a link directly to your Q&A Community (InScribe) community's knowledge bank, choose Add community link.
    • If you want to add a widget to Q&A Community (InScribe) content on your Canvas page, select Embed community widget.

    If you wish, you can pre-filter what content will appear in the link or embedded widget; to do this, type a topic in the space at the bottom of the dialog box. Pre-filtered content will then appear as follows:

    Embedded widget highlighted to show pre-filtered content on a certain topic
  5. Click Done to close the dialog box.

Learn more and get help

For instructions for working with Q&A Community (InScribe), consult the following resources:

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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