About the IU Health login integration

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IU Login supports logging in with IU Health accounts for IU applications and services. The Identity Management Systems (IMS) team receives and processes integration requests.

User experience

If the sponsor application is configured to support IU Health account logins, IU Login will display both the University and Health tabs.

  • IU Login relies on persistent cookies to remember your last login attempt. For example, if users attempt to log with their IU Health account, the next time they log into an application, IU Login will default to the Health tab.
  • If an application is configured to support IU Guest accounts, the "Guest" tab will also be displayed.

Following are screens users will see as they complete an IU Health login:

IU Login screen with both University and IU Health tabs

Add an IU Health account integration

Existing IU Login integration

If your application has already integrated with IU Login, complete the IU Health Integration Request form.

New IU Login integration

If you are setting up a new application, follow the instructions to integrate IU Login with a web application.

When completing an Integration Request form, for "Support IU Health accounts", select Yes.

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