Use Kaltura with Microsoft Teams

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Following are instructions for integrating Kaltura with Microsoft Teams. For a video tutorial, see Kaltura Integration for Microsoft Teams.

Add a Media Gallery to a specific Team

  1. Go to the specific Team.
  2. Select the + (plus sign) at the top of the Teams bar.
  3. Under "Add a tab", search for Kaltura.
  4. Choose Kaltura and then Save.
  5. You should now see the Media Gallery tab at top of the Team.
    • To rename it, right-click and rename.
    • To remove it, right-click and select Remove.
  6. To add an additional Kaltura Media Gallery to the same Team, repeat steps 1-4.

Add Kaltura to Teams as a personal app (My Media, History)

  1. Select the three dots on the left-hand navigation pane.
  2. Search for Kaltura.
  3. Select Kaltura and log in.

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