Secure publicly advertised Zoom meetings

Publicly advertised Zoom meetings are at increased risk of interruption and Zoombombing. The best way to secure a public Zoom meeting is to convert it to a webinar. To get started, submit a webinar request at, or contact Learning Spaces Support.

If you choose to promote a Zoom meeting through public channels (for example, websites, social media, flyers), UITS recommends specific measures to retain control of your meeting. You can either:

  • Require IU authentication. Everyone joining will be conclusively identified so that the Dean of Students or Human Resources can address inappropriate behavior; or:
  • Change the participation settings for your meeting:
    1. Disable non-host participation:
      1. Disable participant video on entry.
      2. Disable participant audio on entry.
      3. Disable participant screen sharing.
      4. Restrict chat.
    2. If interaction is necessary, ask a co-host to serve as the moderator and manage participants. Participants can raise their hand when they want to ask a question, and the moderator can temporarily allow them to turn on their microphone.
      The moderator will have no way of knowing if a given participant is malicious or genuine.
    3. Disable "Annotation" in your Zoom settings.
    4. Add presenters as alternative hosts when you set up the meeting; be sure to use their Zoom accounts.
    5. During your meeting, do not promote any participant to the host or co-host roles.
    6. Enable the waiting room.
    7. When you join your meeting, before admitting any participants, click the Security icon in the lower toolbar, and then:
      1. Uncheck Share Screen.
      2. Uncheck Chat.
      3. Uncheck Unmute Themselves.
      4. Uncheck Start Video.
    8. As a precaution, be prepared to remove participants.

Report instances of Zoombombing to the University Information Security Office (UISO) as described in Report a suspected information or information technology (IT) security issue at IU.

For assistance or more information, contact Learning Spaces Support.

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