Determine whether your files are individual (personal) or institutional

If you're unsure whether you're storing individual or institutional files, ask yourself:

  • If you were to change positions or leave Indiana University tomorrow, would your department or colleagues need these files to continue their work? If so, they are institutional files.
  • Are any of these files classified as Public data, University-Internal data, Restricted data (such as grades), or Critical data (such as PHI)? If so, they are institutional files.

Examples of institutional files may include research data, course files (such as lesson plans, assignment outlines, syllabi, etc. that are not stored within Canvas), training manuals, or files associated with IU committees, labs, and student groups, etc. Most faculty and staff store institutional files.

Individual files, on the other hand, are personally created files, such as resumes, personal meeting notes, or presentations.

If you are storing institutional files, see the Institutional storage request form unless your local UITS support person has already set this up for you. You may request an institutional storage account that only you can access, if desired.

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