Configure a Microsoft Teams IP phone

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Before you begin

Before you configure your IP phone:

  • You must have an assigned university phone number.
  • The IP phone must be connected to the wired (Ethernet) IU network.
  • Important:
    In most cases, the phone will receive power through the Ethernet cable. If it does not, only use a power cord designed for your specific phone model (Yealink MP54, Yealink MP56, Poly CCX 400 or Poly CCX 500). Power cords can be purchased from UITS Telecom. Using a different phone model's power cord will instantly damage the phone.
If your IP phone is shared and has an assigned university number only, but is not associated with any individual user, or if you have a CCX 500 phone, you may need to contact UITS Telecom to configure your IP phone.

Configure your phone

If you received a new IP phone as part of your Skype for Business to Teams Calls account migration, and you were not present at the time of installation, you might need to configure your phone. To configure your phone:

  1. On your IP phone, select REFRESH CODE.
  2. In your computer's browser, go to Enter the code displayed on the IP phone screen.
  3. Select your account, and then choose continue on the "Authentication Broker" window.
  4. Close the window, and your IP phone will open to the Home screen.

Get help

For help, contact UITS Telecom at 812-856-2287, option 3 for IU Bloomington, or 317-274-3004, option 3 for IU Indianapolis.

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