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How a list becomes inactive

An IU List becomes inactive when it:

  • Has had no correspondence activity for 18 months or more: If an IU List has had no correspondence activity on it for 18 months or more, Campus Communications Infrastructure (CCI) considers it dormant and closes the list.

    List owners have 90 days to appeal and request the list be re-activated before it is deleted. To appeal, contact the IU Support Center.

  • Has no privileged owner: A list without a privileged owner is considered inactive, and will be removed during the annual list cleanup if a new privileged owner is not set.

    Mail lists that are expected to be available for some time should have at least one long-term staff member as a privileged owner. To allow the privileged owner to be updated when a list is due to expire, before the current privileged owner leaves the university, the list's current owners, moderators, and the privileged owner’s IT support staff will be notified. After five weeks without an owner, CCI will remove the and inform its subscribers.

Yearly list purge

Inactive lists are reviewed during an annual IU List cleanup in late spring or early summer, and are closed at the discretion of IU List administrators.

Inactive lists closed during the annual cleanup are not immediately purged; list owners have 90 days to appeal and request their list be re-activated before it is purged.

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