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The Multi-Tool, an external app in the DesignPLUS suite from Cidi Labs, is designed to help you quickly and easily set up a Canvas course shell. The Multi-Tool consists of four components:

  • Template Builder: Allows you to create or designate content items as templates. Templates can be created for Canvas assignments, discussion topics, quizzes, or pages to serve as a model for other items of the same type. Templates can contain any combination of branding and visual design elements, formatting styles, and boilerplate content. Template items are used by the Module Builder to generate a complete set of standardized modules for your course. You can also use the Template Builder to create and set the front page for your course.
  • Module Builder: Create a set of modules for your course by specifying the number of modules needed, the module pattern (that is, the number and sequence of assignments, discussions, quizzes, pages, and headers in each module), and the template to use for each item in the module pattern. After generating the full list of modules, you can edit the titles and settings of individual items before actually adding them to your course.
    Assignments, discussion topics, and pages generated by Module Builder include the RCE content from the original template, as well as the majority of settings. Quizzes generated from templates created with original (classic) Quizzes contain the instructions and settings only, with no questions or links to question banks.
  • Due Date Modifier: Edit the availability dates for assignments, discussion topics, quizzes, and pages, individually or in bulk. This tool is especially useful for updating availability dates after generating module content in the Module Builder, as well as after importing content from another course.
  • Delayed Announcement Modifier: Edit the delayed post dates and other details of course announcements, individually or in bulk. This is especially useful for modifying announcements after importing content from another course.

To see the Multi-Tool in action, watch these videos:

Get started

The Multi-Tool is available in the sidebar of the Course Settings tool. You can also add it to your course navigation menu, if you prefer (for instructions, see To get started with the Multi-Tool: How do I manage Course Navigation links?). The tool is not visible to students. To launch the tool:

  1. From the course Settings sidebar or your course navigation menu (if added there), select Multi-Tool.
  2. The first time you use the tool, you'll need to authorize access to your account. You only need to authorize the tool once. Thereafter, you will be taken directly to the tool itself after launch.

For instructions on how to use each component, see these Cidi Labs user guides (note that each of the following pages has a vertical menu down the left side of the page. Select Instructions for step-by-step guidance on how to use the component:

Get help

For help with the Cidi Labs Multi-Tool, contact your campus teaching and learning center or your campus support center.

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