Computing accounts for IUB and IUPUI student organizations

Student organization accounts must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member who is ultimately responsible for the account and its use. To obtain and maintain UITS computing accounts:

IUB and IUPUI student organizations may possess one University account and the UITS computing accounts to which it is entitled. The organizational representatives may suggest an account name which reflects the official name of the organization.

Organizational accounts are renewed each year to verify that the organization still exists, that it remains an officially recognized IUB or IUPUI student organization, and that the faculty member agrees to continued sponsorship of the account. Normally, organizational accounts are automatically renewed, unless the faculty sponsor or the account owner leaves the university. In this case, UITS consults with the Student Involvement and Leadership Center or the SLDP office to decide which accounts should be renewed and which accounts should be deleted. Therefore, owners or sponsors of student organization computer accounts need not do anything to renew the account, unless they will be leaving the university. In this case, the student group must find another faculty sponsor or another student to act as the account owner.

The Student Involvement and Leadership Center at IUB and the SLDP office at IUPUI handle changes of faculty sponsorship. UITS Tier 2 Accounts Administration is responsible for changes of computer account ownership. To request a transfer of a group account, see Transfer ownership of a group or departmental account.

Use of UITS computing accounts by IUB and IUPUI student organizations is subject to the rights and responsibilities accepted at initial account creation. IUB and IUPUI student organization computing accounts are for the sole and exclusive use of the IUB or IUPUI student organization and its designated members, and may not be used for or by other organizations or individuals not affiliated with the university.

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