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Group or departmental accounts at Indiana University must have an eligible faculty or staff owner to remain active. If your account owner is leaving or has left IU and your organization or department needs to continue using the account, the group or department needs to find a new willing and eligible owner, and transfer the ownership. Otherwise, the account may be disabled or deleted from all central systems; if you can't log into your group account, this may be the reason.

  • Hourly employees, ACNP employees, and affiliates are not eligible to own group accounts.
  • If, when selecting the link in an email request to accept a group username transfer, you see the following error message:
    Currently you do not have any eligible group username requests to accept
    • Make sure the request has not expired. The notification email has a deadline to accept the transfer. If that date has passed and you still want to accept the group account, reach out to the group owner to see if the request can be resubmitted.
    • If you have received multiple transfer requests, only the most recent one is valid and should contain all requested transfers within it. Use that link instead.
    • If you are prompted to log in after selecting the URL in the notification email, it may cut off the end of the URL you are redirected to. You can either select the link from the email again after signing in, or manually add back the ?netid=username part of the URL in the browser's address bar.

If the owner is still at IU

If the current account owner has not yet left the university, that owner must initiate the transfer of ownership:

  1. Go to Your Accounts.
  2. Under "Group Accounts", select create or transfer group accounts.
  4. The following page will display all group accounts that you own. Select either Transfer all group usernames or Individually transfer group usernames. Enter the group username to transfer (if transferring individually), and the username of the new owner. Select Verify.
  5. Select Confirm to complete the transfer request.

The new owner will receive an automatic email message, requesting agreement to accept ownership. The transfer is not complete until the new owner accepts the account.

If the new owner does not already have a device added to the account in Two-Step Login (Duo), ensure the new owner follows the steps to add a device in Use Two-Step Login (Duo) with a group account, and remove the previous owner's device information if necessary.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

If the owner has left IU

If the group accounts are in a disabled state because the current owner has left IU, the new owner should still be able to transfer the accounts. If, as the new owner, you aren't able to claim the group account using the instructions here, contact Tier 2.

If your group account's owner has left the university, a new faculty or staff owner can follow these instructions to claim the account:

  1. Go to Your Accounts.
  2. Under "Group Accounts", select create or transfer group accounts.
  4. Enter either the username of the group account to transfer, or the username of the former owner to view all of that user's orphaned group accounts. Select Verify.
  5. Enter any comments about the transfer in the "Comments:" field, and then select Confirm to complete the request.

Tier 2 Accounts and Student Information Systems (ASIS) will review and process your request; you will be notified by email when the transfer is complete.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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