Adapt your teaching for engaging online delivery

This guide is designed to help instructors use IU-supported technologies to facilitate active teaching and learning in the online format, whether as part of a planned online/hybrid course, to reinforce learning between face-to-face class sessions, or in times of emergency (e.g., campus closure or periods of high absenteeism). Through the use of such technologies as email, phones, Canvas, Microsoft PowerPoint, Kaltura, CaptureSpace, and Zoom, instructors can create an effective learning environment with minimal to no face-to-face class time.

Regardless of teaching styles or techniques, effective learning environments encourage: student-instructor contact, cooperation and reciprocity among students, active learning, prompt feedback, time on task, communication of high expectations, and respect for diverse talents and ways of learning (Chickering and Gamson, 1987). This guide should help instructors match their teaching techniques with and learn about IU-supported technologies. For additional help, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

Follow the links below to pages dedicated to specific teaching techniques:

For practical considerations related to conducting teaching or learning activities from home, see Technology issues to address when you need to work, teach, or take classes from home.

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