Technology issues to address when you need to work, teach, or take classes from home

At Indiana University, if you need to work, teach classes, or attend classes from home, consider the following technology issues in advance:

  • Computer equipment: Do you have adequate computing hardware at home? You will need a laptop or desktop computer that can function reliably, if you don't use the same computer at home. Also think about any peripherals you might need, such as a printer, scanner, webcam, headset, and/or a second monitor. If you're considering a purchase, see ComputerGuide: Deals by vendor, recommendations, and common questions.
  • Connectivity: Do you have a high-speed internet connection at home? Many high-speed solutions are offered in the area of most IU campuses, including cable, DSL, and fiber. Contact your local provider of choice for more information about services, pricing, and estimated installation dates.
  • VPN connection: Many IU resources require a VPN connection if you're accessing them from off campus. (If you're unable to access a standard resource or tool you use on campus, connect to VPN and try again.)
  • Security: Take proper security measures on your home computer before connecting to IU resources. Be sure to install all the updates for your operating system, and have an updated antivirus application installed and a firewall enabled. If you don't, your computer is at risk for being infected with a virus, worm, or other malware, which might prevent you from finishing your tasks.
  • Access: You will need your IU username and passphrase to access many IU resources (such as One.IU). Also, be sure you have what you need for Two-Step Login (Duo).

Additional considerations for faculty or staff: If you need to use remote desktop, departmental servers or resources, UniCom, or other services used by your department, you may need to speak to your IT Pro for help replicating your workplace setup at home. If you don't know who your IT Pro is, contact your campus Support Center.

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