Known issues with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office at IU


At this time, UITS does not recommend that you use Microsoft's new Outlook. For feature comparisons with the new application, see Getting started with the new Outlook for Windows.

The following is continually updated information about the status of known issues with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office at Indiana University.

Issue Description Solution Status Last updated
Web links from Outlook emails and Teams chats open in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has set some versions of Outlook and Teams to open links in Edge by default. You can turn off this feature; see the instructions in Web links from Outlook emails and Teams chats open in Microsoft Edge. Expected behavior January 19, 2024
Downloading large folders from OneDrive in a web browser may produce ZIP files that cannot be extracted. When downloading folders in the web client version of OneDrive, they are packaged as ZIP files. If the ZIP file created is larger than 4 GB, it may not be possible to unzip it. Use the OneDrive desktop app instead. The data will not be zipped. Known issue November 28, 2022
In Windows, when saving files to a folder location with square brackets ([ ]) in the name, Excel may generate an error. When saving files in Excel via Browse and File Explorer, Excel generates an error indicating that the file cannot be accessed. This affects Microsoft Secure Storage sites, as they contain [Sec] in the name. If the affected location is a Teams/SharePoint site, one workaround is using the Sites option instead of the Browse option to save directly to a Teams/SharePoint site. Another is to rename the folder containing the square brackets, or to initially save the file to a different location and then move it to the location containing square brackets with File Explorer. To rename a Team (if the affected space is a Team), see Manage team settings and permissions in Teams. Known issue March 3, 2022
Unable to import or export Microsoft OneNote documents from Microsoft OneDrive at IU It is not possible to directly import or export Microsoft OneNote notebooks to or from OneDrive. It is possible to import or export Microsoft OneNote notebooks to or from OneDrive using the Microsoft OneNote desktop client for Windows. Intended behavior November 30, 2021
Android versions of Office apps are no longer supported on Chromebook. Office apps are no longer available from the Google Play store. This affects Chromebook but not Android devices. Chromebook users should access Office apps via the web. Intended behavior October 7, 2021
In OneDrive, the Add shortcut to My Files button is missing. The Add shortcut to My Files button was removed due to inconsistent syncing behavior. To access files in a shared site, use the method described in View shared content in Microsoft OneDrive at IU. Intended behavior September 14, 2021
Internet Explorer not supported You may have a degraded experience or be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services from Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft, the recommended browser for Microsoft 365 apps and services is Microsoft Edge. Intended behavior August 20, 2021
Cannot delete a folder from a Teams/SharePoint shared site that contains files When accessing a folder in a shared site via the OneDrive/SharePoint website, it is not possible to delete the folder unless the contents of the folder are deleted first. This does not affect folders stored within an individual OneDrive account. A workaround is to sync the directory using the OneDrive sync client or another file syncing program, then delete the folder using that interface. Known issue March 23, 2021
Unable to install or update Microsoft To Do in macOS or iOS Microsoft To Do has a minimum requirement of macOS 10.14 or iOS 13. Devices with older versions will not be able to install or update the app. For macOS, update to at least 10.14 and for iOS, update to 13. Known issue March 17, 2021
When using Outlook with Exchange, scheduled messages may not show in the Outbox in Outlook if cached Exchange mode is toggled. When using Outlook to send scheduled messages, if cached Exchange mode is off when the messages are scheduled, and then it is later turned on before they are actually sent, they will not show in the inbox. The same is also true in reverse (if messages are scheduled when cached Exchange mode is on, they will stop showing up in the Outbox if cached Exchange mode is turned off). This is expected behavior. Note that if messages are scheduled with cached Exchange mode off, even if it is turned on in Outlook before they send and they stop showing up in the Outbox, they will still send as scheduled due to being scheduled via the server. This is not true in reverse, though. Known issue February 9, 2021
When downloading large file sets in OneDrive, not all files will download. When downloading large files sets (multiple files or sub-folders), OneDrive will create a ZIP file with a limit of 20 GB. Other limits include 10 GB per individual file, 10,000 total files, and 200 folders. No error is displayed, but the resulting ZIP file will have three items: the folder that is being downloaded, a similarly named folder, and a __All_Errors.txt file. For more, see Download files and folders from OneDrive or SharePoint. Download files in batches that are below the criteria listed in the description. Known issue November 6, 2020
When "New Outlook" in Outlook for Mac is turned on, features are missing or not working correctly. A number of features are not yet available in the "New Outlook" interface. For details, see The new Outlook for Mac. Toggle off New Outlook in the Outlook menu bar. Known issue November 6, 2020
On files synced with Microsoft OneDrive at IU and Microsoft Teams at IU via a client, the "last updated" timestamp may not be reliable within a file explorer. Because of the way that OneDrive and some other sync clients sync and upload files, the "last updated" timestamp on a file synced to OneDrive may be inaccurate when viewed with a local file explorer. The timestamp in the web portal is accurate, though. If you need to track the "last updated" time of a file, use the web portal or another tracking method, rather than relying on the time stamps that appear in the file explorer. Known issue October 15, 2020
When sharing files from Microsoft OneDrive at IU, email notifications about the share will not be sent to the recipient of the invitation if the sender is on Exchange 2013. Because OneDrive utilizes Exchange Online to send email notifications about files shared in OneDrive, if the user sharing files has an Exchange account on Exchange 2013, an email notification will not be sent to the recipient of the sharing invitation. The permissions to the file or folder will still be added for the recipient. This is no longer an issue once a user has been migrated to Exchange Online. Known issue August 6, 2020
Error message in macOS: "Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac" In macOS, Microsoft 365 generates this error message if it didn't detect the correct license. See View Only Your Account Doesn't Allow Editing on a Mac - Office 365 Error. Known issue April 13, 2020
Sent and deleted messages from an additional account in Outlook go to the primary mailbox

In Outlook, when you send or delete a message from an additional account, the message isn't saved to the folder of the additional mailbox account. Instead, it's saved to the primary mailbox account.

See the following:

Messages sent from a shared mailbox aren't saved to the Sent Items folder of the shared mailbox in Outlook

Items that are deleted from a shared mailbox go to the wrong folder in Outlook

Note that you may need to enable Cached Exchange Mode for these fixes to work.

Known issue December 10, 2019
Difficulties synchronizing mail-enabled Active Directory groups with Microsoft 365 Mail-enabled Active Directory groups that do not have an email address that ends in will not be synchronized with Microsoft 365.

Contact your departmental local UITS support person to have Active Directory groups mail-enabled properly.

Known issue May 5, 2017
In Windows, hyperlinks in saved message files (.msg) will not open. When you open a message saved into a file in Windows, links within do not work. Nothing happens when you click the links, nor do they open when you right-click and select Open Hyperlink. Copy the URL of the hyperlink and paste it in the appropriate application. Known issue June 16, 2016
Unable to activate Office apps on iOS devices Newly downloaded or updated copies of Office cannot authenticate on iOS devices due to multiple prompts for authentication in an endless loop. The problem is resolved on iOS devices running iOS version 10.0.1 or later. Microsoft is working on software updates that may resolve the issue for users who cannot update to at least iOS 10.0.1. In the meantime, you may also contact your campus Support Center for further assistance. Known issue September 15, 2016
Two-Step Login (Duo) screen cut off during Microsoft 365 account sign-in When signing into your Microsoft 365 account using any Office desktop application for Windows, the Duo screen does not completely fit in the window and some options are cut off the screen. Press Tab on your keyboard to scroll down and view the rest of the Duo options. Known issue August 10, 2016
Incorrect default time zone settings for new calendar events from Outlook for macOS Calendar entries appear to be an hour off when Daylight Saving Time is in effect. To prevent this from occurring on new calendar events, make sure the default time zone is set to Eastern Time (US & Canada), rather than Indiana (East). Access this setting by selecting Preferences... from the Outlook menu, and clicking Calendar. Known issue March 18, 2016
Incorrect default time zone settings for new events from Outlook on IUanyWare while in macOS From macOS, using the IUanyWare version of Outlook, calendar entries appear to be an hour off when Daylight Saving Time is in effect. To prevent this from occurring on new calendar events, change your Mac's time zone settings to a city in the Eastern time zone that is not in Indiana (for example, New York). Known issue March 18, 2016
Mailto links not working in Outlook for Mac In version 15.36.1, mailto links do not work. If you click a mail link, a new message window opens normally, but it will not be delivered if sent, nor will a copy be placed in Sent Items. Updated to Outlook for Mac version 15.37 or later. Resolved August 16, 2017
OnBase integration not available Integration for the latest Office version is not available for IU's current version of OnBase (15 SP2). IU has upgraded to OnBase version 16 SP1, which is compatible with the latest Office version. Resolved March 3, 2017
Appointments created in Windows versions of Outlook appear to be meetings in Outlook for Mac. When you create an appointment in any version of Outlook for Windows and then attempt to edit it in Outlook for Mac, it will appear to be a meeting. It will indicate the invitation hasn't been sent, will have the option to Send instead of Save & Close, and will have the Organizer Meeting ribbon instead of Appointment. Update to the latest version of Outlook for macOS. If that is not possible, in Outlook for Mac, while editing the item, click Cancel, which will revert the meeting back to an appointment. Then click Save & Close. Resolved October 13, 2016
Office installed from the Microsoft 365 service reports that your subscription has expired If you installed Office using the Microsoft 365 service, you must keep your subscription active by signing into your IU Microsoft 365 account at least once every 30 days.

Sign into your Microsoft 365 account:

  1. From any Office application, in the top right, choose Sign In.
  2. When prompted for an email address, enter your IU username followed by, for example, Click Next.
  3. When redirected to log into IU Login, use your IU username and passphrase.
Resolved April 4, 2016
Outlook macOS certificate difficulties After updating Outlook, you may see a pop-up warning you that "A secure connection cannot be established with the server because its intermediate or root certificate cannot be found", and prompting you to either Continue or Show certificate. This issue was resolved with an updated certificate. Resolved March 18, 2016
Skype for Business 2016 difficulties synchronizing address book When using Skype for Business 2016, you may experience difficulties searching for contacts. Also, a "Cannot Synchronize Address Book" notification message may appear at the bottom. This issue has been resolved with patches. Resolved January 27, 2016
Office version compatibility issues The latest version of Office automatically uninstalls the previous version of the suite. Also, the latest version cannot coexist with stand-alone applications from the previous version, such as SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, Visio Professional, Visio Standard, Project Professional, and Project Standard (as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access). UITS recommends installing the latest version only if you no longer need any applications from the previous version. Resolved November 6, 2015

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