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The Roster Status Report is an external tool available in Canvas. This report provides information about when members of your course were added to or dropped from your Canvas course site.

The data in the Canvas Roster Status Report is pulled from a data warehouse, not from the live Canvas database, and may be 24-48 hours old.

Use the Roster Status Report

To view the report, navigate to the Canvas People tool in your course, open the Options menu (vertical ellipsis at the upper right), and select Roster Status Report. If for any reason this option is missing from the Options menu, instructors can add the tool to the course navigation menu to access the same functionality.

The report provides a list of all currently and previously enrolled course members along with their enrollment status.

Possible statuses are:

  • Active: Currently enrolled
  • Deleted: Previously enrolled; dropped the course before census or was manually removed
  • Inactive: Previously enrolled; withdrew from the course after census
  • Invited: Manually enrolled and has not yet accepted the invitation
  • Rejected: Manually invited and has rejected the invitation

The "Last Updated" date indicates the date on which the person was added to or removed from the specified section of the course.

In courses with a single section, each user is listed only once with his or her most recent status. In courses with cross-listed or manually created sections, users who are or were enrolled in more than one section will have an entry for each section. For example, if a student changes sections in a course where all sections have been cross-listed into one site, the report will show that student with a "deleted" or "inactive" status in the original section and "active" status in the new section.

Sort results

By default, report results are sorted alphabetically by student name (last, first). To change the sort order, select the sort icon (Gray arrow) or the active sort icon (Blue up arrow for ascending sort, Blue down arrow for descending sort). For example, to see all students who dropped the course, select the icon in the "Status" column twice to do a descending sort; all students with a "deleted" status will be grouped at the top of the list.

All columns in the report are searchable. To search for specific records, enter all or part of a name, username, section ID, status, or date. The list of matching records updates in real time as you type.

Export results

To export the report results, click CSV and save the file to your local or cloud storage device. The current sort order and search filter will be applied to the exported data; in other words, the CSV file will contain whatever was on the screen when the file was created.


If you plan to export and maintain local offline copies of any student information (including but not limited to names, University ID numbers, or grades), you are responsible for taking adequate security measures to handle and safeguard such data, as it remains sensitive university data.

For more, see Protecting Data & Privacy.

For more on handling sensitive data, see:

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