ARCHIVED: What is a SafeWord card, and which systems require one?

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A SafeWord card generates a random password you use in conjunction with your account for the system you're accessing, increasing the level of security needed to access sensitive data. This card is associated with your username (often your Network ID) so that only you can use it; it will also require a PIN. Some web-based applications, such as OneStart, FIS, and others, may require SafeWord card and Central Authentication Service (CAS) authentication to access administrative functions.

In order to ensure the safety and integrity of sensitive data such as student records, human resources information, and institutional data, the Indiana University Committee of Data Stewards determined SafeWord authentication to be necessary, based on security risk information and recommendations from the UITS Accounts Administration and Access Services Office. Many other universities (including Michigan State, Penn State, Northwestern, and the University of Michigan) also use such systems.

If you have a problem with your SafeWord card, see ARCHIVED: At IU, where can I get help with my SafeWord card?

For information about IUPUI SafeWord cards, visit the IUPUI SafeWord Card Information Home Page.

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