Student unable to access library resources in an online course

At Indiana University, students enrolled in an online course have access to library resources from their own home campuses, as well as from the home campus of the instructor who is teaching the course. For instance, if a student from IU Kokomo is taking a course taught by an instructor from IU South Bend, the student will be able to access online library resources from both the Kokomo and South Bend campuses during that semester. This arrangement allows faculty members to choose and assign readings and other materials to their students based on the library with which they are familiar, without worrying about differing access to journals and other collections on different campuses.

This library access should be seamless for students. If you have a problem accessing assigned library resources in an online course, email EZproxy.

For details on access, see Educational Access to Electronic Resources from a Campus Not One's Own - Policy and Procedures.

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