Change an IU DNS entry

Before submitting a request to change a DNS (Domain Name System) entry for an IP address at Indiana University, make sure to notify your department's local UITS support person about the change (to avoid creating confusion regarding the names and IP addresses of computers in your department). Ideally, this person can manage the renaming process for you.

To change the name of a workstation registered to an IP address the administrator or primary user of the computer should email

In the email message, clearly specify what you would like the new DNS name entry for the IP address to be, as the consultants cannot choose a name for you. You will also need to provide the following information when adding a new entry or changing an existing entry:

  • Your computer's IP address: If you don't know your IP address, see Find your computer's IP address. You may also contact your department's local UITS support person, or the UITS Support Center.
  • Your computer's name: This name may consist of letters, numbers, or the hyphen ( - ) symbol. No other characters are allowed, and no uppercase letters are permitted.
  • The primary administrative contact or primary user of that computer: Provide the full name, and IU username or IU email address.
  • An ADS group that consists of secondary administrative contacts: If this is for a DNS entry in one of the Data Centers, this should be the same group defined in the Campus Network Portal (CNP).
If your computer uses Windows as its operating system, and you want it to be registered to the ADS domain, state this in your message.

Requests are processed Monday-Friday until 4pm. Updates to the name server data take effect every hour on the hour.

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