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About Turnitin and the Turnitin LTI tool

Turnitin Feedback Studio is web-based plagiarism detection software owned by Turnitin.com, Inc. Turnitin can be used as a deterrent, but also as an educational tool to teach students how to work with sources and to improve paraphrasing and quoting skills.


For more about standards of academic integrity at IU, including disciplinary procedures for academic misconduct, see the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

Instructors at IUB may submit academic misconduct reports online.

Turnitin Feedback Studio is integrated into the Assignments tool of Canvas. For assignments in which the Turnitin options are selected, the Assignments tool will automatically transmit student submissions in supported file formats to Turnitin.com. The Canvas integration also includes Turnitin's grading tools and the PeerMark tool.

If you are an instructor, and you wish to submit student papers to Turnitin yourself (i.e., students have not submitted their papers with the Turnitin option enabled in Assignments), it's best to submit the papers directly through Turnitin.com, not through Canvas. See At IU, how can I submit papers directly to Turnitin?

About Similarity Reports

A Turnitin Similarity Report indicates overlap between the text of the submitted paper and other materials in the Turnitin database. The report indicates the percentage of overlapping material in the paper, as well as specific matching passages. Reports will usually be available within 15-60 minutes of the submission or the due date, depending on the assignment settings. When reports are available, report icons appear in Canvas in Grades and in the SpeedGrader (for teachers) and in Assignments (for students).

Note the following limitations:

  • Turnitin compares submissions against a wide database of Internet sources (as well as previously submitted student work and commercial databases); however, it may not scan every site on the Internet. A clean similarity report does not necessarily guarantee that the submission is the student's own work.
  • Turnitin does not flag essays that include plagiarized ideas or concepts, nor can it detect paraphrasing that dramatically changes the wording of an original source while maintaining that source's organization.
  • Students who are quoting correctly might have reports that indicate a high level of overlap with these sources.

For more, see The Similarity Report.

Create a Turnitin assignment in Canvas

To use the Turnitin LTI integration with a Canvas assignment, you will set up the Canvas assignment as an external tool assignment, and then set assignment details in Turnitin. For instructions, see How do I create a Turnitin assignment? from the Canvas Guides. When you reach the "Select External Tool" step of the guide, click Find; you don't need to enter an external tool URL.

  • For students' papers to be submitted properly, instructors must set the Turnitin options before any students have submitted their work for a given assignment. Papers submitted to Assignments before Turnitin is activated will not be submitted to Turnitin retroactively.
  • Creating Turnitin assignments without a due date is not recommended; if you do not set a due date in Canvas, a due date will be automatically assigned within the Turnitin LTI.
  • Resubmissions are not allowed by default. To allow resubmissions for a TII assignment, see How do I change Turnitin settings for an assignment?

Learn more

Also see Turnitin's Manuals and Guides.

Get help

For pedagogical or technical assistance with the Turnitin LTI, consult the following resources:

Teaching and learning centers

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

UITS Support Center

For help using the Turnitin LTI, email the UITS Mission Critical team. You can also contact your campus Support Center directly.

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