Contribute to or comment on the IU Knowledge Base

The UITS Knowledge Management team welcomes comments, contributions, and suggestions for the Indiana University Knowledge Base (KB). Although the KB is available for use globally, its primary target audience is the IU community, and its content is focused accordingly.

Options for submitting comments or proposed content changes:

  • Email the KM team.
  • While viewing any KB page:
    • Under "General support or comments" near the bottom of the page, click Email the UITS Support Center, and then complete the resulting form. Staff will route this appropriately.
    • If you're a content owner with KMS access (and you're logged into the KB), click See an image depicting what was just described (a125g) (the pencil icon) near the top of any KB page you're viewing. You'll be prompted to continue your proposed revision in the Contributor Authoring Environment (CAE) in the KMS. For details, see Use the CAE for KMS contributions. If you have questions about CAE access, email the KM team.

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