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In fall 2024, Indiana University will retire the Knowledge Management System (KMS) and move the IU Knowledge Base to the ServiceNow Knowledge platform. This change will take further advantage of IU's investment in ServiceNow and enable additional ServiceNow functionality.

The Contributor Authoring Environment (CAE) and other KMS tools will be retired. If you own content in the Knowledge Base, the way you work with the UITS Knowledge Management (KM) team otherwise won't change. You may continue sending new content and updates to kb@iu.edu.

If you have questions or comments at any time throughout this process, contact the KM team at kb@iu.edu.

Prepare for the migration

Content owners will be contacted about any actions they will need to take to prepare for the migration:

  • Restricting content to internal audiences will still be possible. This will be done by ACM groups, rather than ADS security groups.
  • Knowledge Base mailforms have been replaced with other appropriate contact means (contact forms, web pages, email addresses).
  • Website owners using the KMS REST API to pull KB content are working with the KM team to adapt their sites. Most are linking to KB pages from their sites, and the ServiceNow API is also an option.
    If you are using the KMS public API, contact the KM team at kb@iu.edu to discuss future plans to avoid issues with your site. Because the KMS public API requires no authentication, the KM team cannot determine what endpoints or teams are using this method to pull content from the Knowledge Base.

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