Reuse of Knowledge Base content or code

Later in 2024, Indiana University will retire the Knowledge Management System (KMS) and move the IU Knowledge Base to the ServiceNow Knowledge platform. For more, see About the IU Knowledge Base transition to ServiceNow Knowledge. If you have questions or would like to have a conversation about the migration, contact the Knowledge Management team at

Provided Indiana University is credited for the information and the copyright is noted, other institutions and individuals are welcome to link to or otherwise reuse IU Knowledge Base content. For further information about IU copyright policy, see Copyright Resource Guide.

Anyone may also search the Knowledge Base for answers to computing questions, contribute new content to be considered for inclusion in the Knowledge Base, suggest revisions to existing content, and offer suggestions or comments. See Contribute to or comment on the IU Knowledge Base.

The KMS (Knowledge Management System) code is not currently available for general or free distribution. However, IU hosts knowledge bases for other entities; for more information, email

For more, see About the Knowledge Management System (KMS) and the Knowledge Base.

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