Use an IUanyWare virtual desktop to migrate files between IU Cloud Storage services

You can use a virtual desktop in IUanyWare to drag and drop your files from one IU Cloud Storage service to another.

  • IU Cloud Storage, when used with IUanyWare, is not approved for transferring PHI.
  • IU Cloud Storage does not preserve timestamps for transferred files.
  1. Go to IU Cloud Storage, and log in.
  2. Make sure you have authorized the origin and destination services; for instructions, see About the IU Cloud Storage Portal.
  3. Use IUanyWare to launch a virtual desktop:
    1. In the IUanyWare web interface, select the DESKTOPS tab.
    2. Choose a virtual desktop (for example, IUB).

    Alternatively, in Citrix Receiver, search for and select IUB or IUPUI. For help, see Set up and use IUanyWare.

  4. In your virtual desktop, open file explorer windows for the origin and destination storage services, and drag and drop files and folders from one file explorer window to the other.

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