Use IU Cloud Storage to migrate files between systems

You can use IU Cloud Storage to transfer files from another Indiana University storage system to Box.

  • IU Cloud Storage, when used with IUanyWare, is not approved for transferring PHI.
  • IU Cloud Storage does not preserve timestamps for transferred files (that is, times and dates that show when files were created and modified).
  1. Go to Cloud Storage.
  2. Click Log In. Select Box, and then click Authorize.
  3. Select another storage option from the list, and then click Authorize. If prompted, sign into the service.
  4. To transfer your files from an authorized storage service to Box, open an explorer window for each service, and then drag and drop files to transfer. You can do so with one of the following methods:
    • Use IUanyWare to launch a virtual desktop. In the IUanyWare web interface, click the DESKTOPS tab, and then select the appropriate virtual desktop (for example, IUB). Alternatively, in Citrix Receiver, search for and select IUB or IUPUI. For help, see Set up and use IUanyWare.
    • Log into an STC lab machine.
    • Use the IU Cloud Storage application on a computer managed by SCCM.

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