Transfer files to and from your IU Pages account on Mercury in Windows

When connecting to from outside the IU network, use VPN.
UITS provides Pages for serving individual web pages. Anyone with an IU username and passphrase may create an individual web page on Mercury and publish it using Pages. The Pages service removes the burden of serving web pages from IU's general-purpose Unix systems.

From a Windows computer with an internet connection, use a secure FTP (SFTP) client to transfer files to and from your Indiana University Pages account on Mercury ( On Mercury, your Pages web page files are located in your ~/www directory and its subdirectories.

At IU, WinSCP is a graphical SFTP client available for use on the Windows computers in the Student Technology Centers (STCs). WinSCP also is available to IU students, faculty, and staff for use on their personal Windows computers via IUanyWare or via download from IUware.

If you want to transfer all your Pages website files at once, you can use the Unix tar command to save entire directories or collections of files in one compressed archive; see Use tar in Unix. However, to run Unix commands on Mercury, you first must connect to it via SSH. For Windows users at IU, use the PuTTY command-line SSH client available in the IUB and IUPUI STCs, via IUanyWare, and via download from IUware.

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