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At Indiana University, UITS IT Training offers courses, learning events, and other resources on information technology topics, both in person and online.

IT Training's online events and resources are designed to fit conveniently into the learner's schedule, and are available in instructor-led and self-study formats.

Instructor-led training options

In instructor-led training, a live instructor leads participants through technical steps or concepts, typically in an online workshop or webinar.

IT Training occasionally hosts online webinars in coordination with high-demand topics and IT service rollouts. For a current list, see Upcoming Events.

IT Training also provides in-person classes on IT topics for groups and classes of 10 or more, on request, to enable IT skills that will accelerate academic work and career goals. Common areas of in-person instruction include:

  • Top 10 technology tips at IU (a great introduction to available IT resources)
  • IU services, (for example, Canvas, Zoom, IUAnyWare)
  • Skills in popular Microsoft and Adobe applications, as well as coding and web development skills

To request in-person training by an IT Training instructor, see Request a Session.

Self-study options

In self-study courses, the content and pace of learning are primarily determined by the learner. To view all of IT Training's online self-study options, see Self-study IT training resources at IU.

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