About IT Training workshops

UITS IT Training no longer offers traditional two- or three-hour IT workshops throughout the semester for open registration.

Instead, IT Training is transforming its Certificate Series into self-paced Canvas courses to provide the same high-quality content, with flexibility for your schedule and learning needs. Learn more about course offerings.

IT Training does still list various other relevant training sessions for open registration, by IT Training or other IT educational partners, on the IT Training site. Available workshops and events will continue to be scheduled as relevant. Events might be held online, in a classroom, or sometimes both.

Request a training for your group

IT Training continues to provide custom training sessions for IU groups and classes of 10 or more. Aimed at enabling IT skills that accelerate academic and career goals, common areas of in-person instruction include:

  • Top 10 technology tips at IU (a great introduction to available IT resources)
  • IU services, such as Canvas, Zoom, Google at IU, IUanyWare, and more
  • Skills in popular Microsoft and Adobe applications
  • Coding and web development skills

Submit a request for a group training session by IT Training.

For more, see UITS IT Training. You can also contact IT Training staff.

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