About department administrators in Canvas

Access to administrative tools

UITS grants access to administrative tools within Canvas to people who provide support to the Indiana University campus community. An academic department can designate its own administrator to provide support for its students and instructors in the department. The designated administrator then applies for administrative access and renews the application annually. Department administrators have full administrative rights for viewing, editing, and migrating all LMS courses within a specific department.

Becoming a departmental administrator

All prospective and active LMS departmental administrators must:

If you have not yet completed these items, do so before you request departmental administrator access.

To apply for administrative access in Canvas, fill out the LMS Departmental Administrator User Agreement. In the "netid of approver" field, enter the IU Network ID of your department head or dean. The approver should be someone in a position to authorize your access for all of the departments listed in the form.

Once the appointment is approved by your supervisor and UITS, you will receive email notification and your departmental administrator rights will be activated. If you have questions, contact UITS Mission Critical.

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